AccuLink™ Zoning Systems

Introducing an innovation for the future that gives you comfort and control today. With the new zoning system from American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning, the utmost in control and home comfort is now yours.

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Comfort tailored to every room in your home.

If your home is like most, temperatures often fluctuate from one room to the next. Whether it’s because of sunlight, room activity or any of the other factors that can affect temperature, a new American Standard zoning system can put control of your comfort right where it belongs – at your fingertips.

With the Acculink™ Zoning system, you’ll be able to set a schedule on your thermostat based on your home’s unique temperature patterns, and control it from wherever life takes you, with Nexia™ Home-Intelligence. Every Acculink™ Control comes with remote “climate access”, allowing you to monitor and control your zoning system through any web-enabled device.

AccuLink™ Platinum 950 Control

The most sophisticated control ever produced by American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning.

AccuLink™ 940

A sensor and a thermostat, you can monitor and adjust the temperature in one specific zone.

AccuLink™ 400

The Wired Zoning Sensor without Display monitors temperature within a specific zone.

How Can We Help? 

American Standard Customer Care Dealers are factory trained to properly service and repair your heating and cooling system. If you are requiring service, maintenance or repair, you can call any of our participating dealers with confidence that they will service your system and get it running at the highest efficiency and capacity possible.